Revitalize the underperforming Canaca brand, which was struggling with a lack of authenticity, dull visuals, and stereotypes
To become a meaningful brand, Canaca needed to be grounded in something real that both the brand and the organization could stand behind.
Transform Canaca into "Canada's Cannabis" brand, celebrating the nation's leadership in cannabis legalization and the value that cannabis brings to the lives of many Canadians. Develop a new brand tagline, transitioning from "Your Bud" to "For the Love of the Leaf" - expressing genuine love and pride for Canada (Maple Leaf) and the product (cannabis flower). Commission the creation of evergreen, highly versatile brand visual assets that can be used across communication channels to drive efficiency while also entrenching the new visual identity and brand idea across all consumer touchpoints. Strategically launch the new brand, tagline, and visual identity on Canada Day to maximize impact and resonate with the Canadian audience.
My Role
- Developed new "Canada's Cannabis Brand" brand strategy.
- Briefed professional writer on new brand mantra copy and tagline.
- Collaborated with design agency Gilbert Lee to develop a whole new brand aesthetic.
- Championed and gained approval for a shift in brand color from silver to red.
- Managed the execution and rollout of the new visual identity, including budget and timelines for new brand asset development (original illustrations), new trade and digital marketing communication, and new label design renovation.
- Canaca sales increased successively in the months following the new brand rollout.
- Canaca's "Canada Day Launch" was determined to be Tilray High Park's "Most successful campaign ever."
- Brand assets developed for the brand launch are still in the market today.
- The brand has maintained the color shift to red, and labels continue with the design template established.
- The brand strategy was vastly enhanced, providing the brand with an authentic focus, vision, and a foundation for long-term growth.
Gilbert Lee (Design Agency)
Theo Gibson (Creative Director)
Ben Cole (Designer)
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