Prepare Christina Lake Cannabis for its initial public offering (IPO) by designing and executing its first investor-focused website.
Christina Lake Cannabis sets itself apart from other industry participants with its unique location in British Columbia, near the Okanagan Valley. This location enables the cultivation of exceptional outdoor-grown cannabis at a cost that surpasses their competition. The entire investor story revolves around what makes this place and this company truly special.
Design a new investor-focused website with a revamped visual identity and supporting investor-focused copy. Incorporate key functionalities such as news updates, investor documents, job applications, and resume submissions.
My Role
- As a freelance consultant and full-service provider, Matt managed and executed the entire project from planning to execution and closing.
Commissioned design and development talent.
- Performed brand strategy and copywriting.
- Managed project budget and timeline to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery.
- Delivered the website on time and on budget
- Articulated a meaningful and persuasive brand story
- Stock price more than doubled shortly after IPO
- Site and much of the initial launch content still live today, nearly 2 years after launch, indicative of the long-term value and careful planning of the work
Jamie Frawley (Investor Relations)
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