Create compelling kids and all family TV marketing campaigns that break through clutter, delivering persuasive product messaging that drives trial for new Kellogg's kids and all family products.
Simple messaging and great storytelling are the keys to crafting persuasive and effective TV advertising.
Developed TV advertising campaigns featuring beloved Kellogg's characters, including Toucan Sam, Snap! Crackle! Pop!, Tony the Tiger, Mr. Mini Wheat, and more. The campaigns placed the product at the center of the story, pairing emotional benefits with functional ones. Engaging storytelling was essential to capture the audience's imagination, making the ads memorable and delivering clear, persuasive product messages.
My Role
- Managed the execution of over 50 kids and all family TV advertising campaigns
- Handled creative briefing, client presentations, schedule creation, and budget management
- Oversaw timeline management, approval coordination, and regulatory approval management
- Coordinated production, shipping, and delivery
 -Collaborated closely with industry veteran George Longley, who led creative on kids-targeted advertising and was a character and animation expert with nearly 20 years of experience
- Ads consistently ranked as top performers according to Ipsos tracking results
- Message communication and recall consistently achieved top performance due to exceptional storytelling and ad construction
- Clients were consistently satisfied and trusted the expert guidance of George Longley and the advertising team
George Longley (Writer, Art Director)
Judy John (Creative Director)
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