Striking the right balance between creativity and authenticity is crucial in cannabis strain naming. Names should be distinctive and captivating, while avoiding exaggeration that consumers can easily detect. The most successful names embody the product's essence and complement the overarching marketing strategy, offering both amusement and honesty.
By focusing on the unique characteristics of cannabis strains, compelling names can be crafted that genuinely pique consumer interest.
Implement a consistent, flavour-centric naming approach aligned with San Rafael '71's "Cannabis with Character" brand concept. Generate new name options based on the most intriguing traits of each strain.
My Role
- Orchestrated the naming process for San Rafael '71 products such as "Electric Honeydew," "Buttered Toast," "Mandarin Meltdown," "Moon Berry" "Pink Diesel '71" and more, from briefing and creative development to IP and regulatory review.
- Spearheaded Aurora's first naming research initiative, resulting in the selection of "Electric Honeydew" after testing it against nine strategically similar alternatives.
- Leveraged sales research to guide a strategic recommendation for adopting a flavour-based naming strategy.
- Significant increase in San Rafael '71 new product listing success rate
- Improved sales velocity on new San Rafael '71 product launches
- Improved San Rafael '71 brand perceptions 
Steven Artemiw (Creative Director) 
Jack T. (writer)
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