Consumers seek more information on product labels, but additional details often lead to increased complexity. Marketing teams must collaborate and problem-solve rather than merely making requests.
Achieving a shared vision can help overcome barriers and streamline processes.
Partner with cross-functional teams to create a new operational process that prints lot-specific total terpene information on the front of every San Rafael '71 Dried Flower product, along with added marketing details such as genetic and aroma information.
My Role
- Developed the business case and defined the project scope, securing approval for the label renovation project.
- Collaborated with cross-functional teams to establish a new process for integrating information into the label development.
- Established marketing's first "other marketing information" database for all San Rafael '71 products, ensuring accuracy and consistency in label content.
- Significant increase in San Rafael '71 new product listing success rate
- Improved sales velocity on new San Rafael '71 product launches
- Improved San Rafael '71 brand perceptions 
Brittany Horiachka (Project Manager) 
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