Transform cannabis flower products from interchangeable, non-distinctive commodities into unique strains with captivating stories and personalities that resonate with heavy users and budtenders.
Each cannabis strain has a unique genetic history, distinct qualities, and a compelling story to tell. In a highly regulated environment, cannabis brands had not yet explored the full potential of storytelling through visual mediums.
Commission an award-winning Canadian illustrator to use his powers of visual representation to bring to life the unique stories, qualities, and characteristics that make each one of Canaca's strains special.
My Role
- Developed "Strain Stories Illustration" concept
- Developed business case proposal and achieved approval to commission award-winning illustrator Cristian Fowlie
- Negotiated contract, deliverables, and usage rights with Cristian Fowlie
- Developed unique strain briefs for each strain, providing inspiration to Cristian Fowlie for each Canaca core flower product
- Managed adaptation of assets across trade, digital, and social marketing channels, significantly elevating the look, feel, and poignancy of product marketing communication across all key channels
Recognized as one of the best Canadian cannabis marketing campaigns ever, showcasing stunning visual assets
- Repurposed assets across trade, digital, and social marketing channels, delivering an exceptional return on investment
- Pushed the boundaries of what could be achieved with cannabis marketing, demonstrating how persuasive product marketing could be beautifully and artistically realized
Cristian Fowlie (Illustrator)
Ben Coles (Designer)
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