In the highly saturated gummy market, finding a unique selling proposition that allows for meaningful differentiation seemed nearly impossible.
In most cannabis product categories, consumers demand to know the strain of the input material used, as the strain can have a significant impact, especially when dealing with broad-spectrum inputs like cured resin. However, in the premium gummy market, the source of the input material remains a black box. This unmet market need presented an opportunity to create a strain-specific gummy experience.
We developed the ultimate "strain-specific" gummy by focusing on the distinctive flavor profile of the Tangerine Dream strain. By combining cured resin extract from Tangerine Dream with a tantalizing sweet citrus flavor inspired by the strain, we crafted an unparalleled strain-specific experience.
My Role
- Developed the "strain-specific" insight and created the gummy product innovation strategy that would pair San Rafael '71 strains with complimentary flavors to create the market's first truly strain-specific product line
- Collaborated with Product Development and operations on product design and characteristics

- Developed marketing and pitch strategy that centered on strain-specific narrative that won listings nationally

- Led development of product launch communication centering on strain-specific and Tangerine Dream message
- The innovative concept quickly gained traction and was enthusiastically adopted by the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) and other provincial retailers, recognizing the unique need and untapped market opportunity it addressed.
- The Tangerine Dream gummy not only reinforced San Rafael '71's position as an industry leader in the gummy space, but it also complemented their proprietary strain equity-building strategy, further solidifying their "cannabis with character" brand identity.
- The successful introduction of this groundbreaking innovation led to incremental growth in the category for San Rafael '71, proving that even in a saturated market, there is always room for ingenuity and differentiation.
Luke McDougal (Product Development)
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