Tilray urgently needed a value brand to compete in the rapidly growing lower-priced cannabis market segment. The company had a significant inventory requiring commercialization, and with the quarter coming to an end, Tilray risked underdelivering on their results without a value brand in the market.
By offering a minimum quality standard at a lower price and embracing transparency, it is possible to create a meaningful and likable value brand in the cannabis industry.
Develop a new value brand with a distinct personality and identity that can commercialize any supply, while maintaining a minimum quality standard. By prioritizing operational flexibility and embracing the brand's generic nature, The Batch could effectively turn inventory into cash and resonate with consumers seeking lower-priced cannabis products.
My Role
- Developed product portfolio strategy
- Created brand strategic concept
- Introduced product naming by quantity instead of strain, with names like "Half-Quarter," "Quarter," "Solo," and "Quints"
- Guided the design team in creating a distinct brand identity and visual look
- Managed label artwork development and approval
- Oversaw brand launch communication, including trade marketing materials
- Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including sales, operations, and regulatory, to successfully bring the brand to market on time
- Worked closely with French sales (Rose Life Sciences) to launch "La Batch" in Quebec, creating a new logo, label, and trade artwork to accommodate the market's needs
- The Batch launched on schedule, meeting sales team expectations, and generated $6 million in incremental revenue within its first 30 days, greatly impacting the target quarter
- Launched as "La Batch" in Quebec, setting a record for the fastest-selling brand launch in the region, and remains a top 5 selling brand in Quebec to this day
- The brand was widely recognized as the best designed, most coherent, and most authentic value brand among industry competitors
Charles Oster & Justin Parlato (Sales)
James Glendhill (Project Manager)
Ben Cole (Designer)
Pip Scowcroft (Writer)
Theo GibsonĀ (Creative Director)
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